Rangeland NIDS - Canadian River Valley

Laura M. Norman, Rattan Lal, Ellen Wohl, Emily Fairfax, Allen C. Gellis, Michael M. Pollock,Natural infrastructure in dryland streams (NIDS) can establish regenerative wetland sinks that reverse desertification and strengthen climate resilience,Science of The Total Environment,

NIDS on Ranch Creek, days after (exceptional) rain

NIDS on Ranch Creek in March, before monsoon season

NIDS in Shady Canyon after monsoons. Filled to capacity with sediments that retain water & nutrients... 

Wildcat Bluff Nature Center

Our 2024 Landscape Rehydration focus is on Wildcat Bluff Nature Center - a section of land on the NW side of Amarillo containing a lengthy stretch of West Amarillo Creek with significant ecological & cultural heritage sites. Much thanks to Don Harrington Discovery Center who share our passion for education in (applied) natural sciences, to regenerate our agricultural lands, attain a just transition to sustainable agroecology and to rehydrate the landscape that sustains the communities which dot the southern & central Great Plains.