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We know West Texas. We know its' land and those who work it. We know Web3.



Executive VP - Horseshoe.Capital

Callie Holton joins Horseshoe Capital as its' executive vice president, bringing a valuable skill set, professional polish, and bright, positive energy to the team. Callie studied English at UT and has more than a decade of experience in oil and gas landwork. She's a relationship builder, a capable negotiator and mediator, and a steward of resources for both clients and rural landowners. She merged her traditional business skills and experiences with a decade of volunteer fundraising and board service to accept a role created for her by local media outlet, where she worked with numerous non-profits, community organizations, and events providing education, support, and resources in public relations, fundraising, and marketing and advertising. And, she is Director of Communications for the Turn Center and manages all internal and external communications, PR/marketing, grant writing, and web and social media management.



Board Chair

Will Masters is an attorney experienced in land, agriculture, small business, natural resources and environmental policy. He's an entrepreneur with experience using unmanned vehicles and other robotics technologies in industrial contexts. He's the Vice President of a successful regional franchise group and President at Horseshoe.Capital.




Data Scientist from Dallas, TX. Experienced Software Developer, IT Admin, and Digital Assets Manager. Driven by the potential of decentralized systems to reshape how the world works.



Rangeland Representative; Advisor

Founder, Balboa Map Company and Precision Brush Control LLC. Program Manager for Ag & Forestry at NASA Stennis Space Center. Thirty years of remote sensing project management with expertise in vegetation condition assessment, habitat mapping, GIS, GPS, and multispectral image analysis.



Soil.Foundation - Lands Director

Yeatts Lokey is proud to be an Aggie (Texas A&M University) where he majored in Rangeland Ecology and Management. He has some initial experience in Texas Oil and Gas, downstream operations, but his love for the outdoors led him to the Rockies, where Yeatts guided and helped to outfit hunting and fishing expeditions for over a decade. He is currently working in real estate and knows ranchers and rangeland in West Texas and for hundreds of miles in any direction. Yeatts is uniquely positioned to understand the multifaceted problems that energy, agricultural, and conservation will run into while trying to collaborate on behalf of all stakeholders.



Director of Narrative, WT Enactus Project Lead

Gabriel Beattie is a student at West Texas A&M University and is the project leader for WT’s intended enactus+ submission detailing our work and projects. Gabe successfully started a small business while in high school and enjoys challenges. He strives to find the best approach to challenges and achieve success. He doesn’t settle, he isn’t happy with business as business has been and he’s in search of permanent solutions to big, real problems.

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