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Mission Statement

To utilize web3 technologies to design, develop, and implement sustainable water utilization and farming practices that optimize the value and productivity of America’s breadbasket.

Who we are

We are a group of multi-disciplinary professionals who believe in stewardship.

Our aim is to destroy the very real and imminent threat of food and water scarcity in America caused by the desertification of fertile land, water depletion, and contamination. We educate farmers on sustainable techniques and incentivize them to ensure these practices are implemented.

We fund our projects using smart contract-enabled markets and cryptocurrencies. We also seek funding through governmental, public, and private grants. These nontraditional sources coupled with sustainable environmental efforts can be financially beneficial and greatly increase the land’s value.

Science is key.

Here at Ogallala Life we incorporate leading industry practices that involve intensive remote sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS) monitoring, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and citizen scientist methodologies. We strive to use modern and effective procedures that build the infrastructure to educate communities, harvest rainwater, build soils, and most importantly, restore and secure our water.

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